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Invercargill Events 2021

Our workshops and events bring you into contact with international speakers and local professionals all passionate about sharing their knowledge and tools to empower you to improve your physical, mental, emotional and financial health!


FREE Seminars, workshops and weekend events that will motivate and guide you to getting the most out of life. Don't waste time doing it on your own! Come along and be inspired, connect with others on the same journey, and accelerate your growth towards an extraordinary life!

Do you really want to experience how great life can be? Join us for a and start on the journey to finding your passion and purpose! Don't wait another year (or five or ten) to start moving forward in the direction of your dreams!

Visit our FREE Lending Library. All the books on health and wellness you will need to get started! 

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Entertaining, informative, inspiring…  This was the first course I have attended that focused on my PERSONAL development and I have gained an immense amount of practical knowledge that has enhanced my life in every aspect.

— Donna

Life is not a practice run!  To be able to listen to a group of professionals covering the five main areas in life for free is a incredible opportunity.  It was so great to take a more in depth look at the areas of our lives we needed to work on. We can't wait for this year's seminar as we all need input to get any output in life.

— Chris & Angela

I cannot describe the overwhelming effects this weekend has had on me.  It has not only opened my eyes to a world of possibilities but it has given me the strength to believe that I can achieve my goals.

— April

"The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other."