27 February 7pm
"Find your Health Numbers"

Dr. Tom Mullen, Former lifestyle centre director and Dr. Amy Mullen​, GP, Health coach and motivator

This father/daughter team will show you that healthy living doesn't have to be complicated, boring or hard. 

20 March 7pm
"Healthy Eating:  So easy you won't believe it!"

Come along and bring your friends. Taste delicious foods you and your friends would never know are good for you! 

Dr. Amy Mullen, GP, Health coach and Motivator

22 May 7pm
"Six Steps to Success"

Find out how to achieve your goals and change your future with professional coach, Karl Waretini. He believes “With Passion and Purpose anything is possible…whether it is in business, sport or anything else, it is the passion that pushes you through barriers and beyond."

31 July 7pm
Dr. Kimball Chen, Psychiatrist

Treat and Reverse Insomnia

25 September 7pm
Stadium Southland

"Future Proofing: Investing for retirement by Steve Oliver, Authorised financial advisor



24 April 7pm
"Financial Success"

Steve Oliver, AFA (Authorised Financial Advisor)

Financial success is for everyone. Come along and learn about safe and easy ways to save and grow your money for financial success through the time value of money and the basics of a financial plan.


26 June 7pm 

Carolyn Dean, Life Coach

"Discover Your Strengths - 3 Ways to Work Out Your Natural Advantages in Life"


28 August "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Dr. Amy Mullen, GP, Health Coach and Motivator

What are the biggest determinants in a persons success or happiness? 


30 October 7pm "Making Success a Way of Living"

By Victor Kulakov, Counsellor, motivational speaker and business owner.


27 November 7pm Stadium Southland
"Food For the Holidays: Easy, healthy, fun"

Does healthy food for the holidays sound impossible? Come along and we'll eat tasty treats and hear Dr. Amy Mullen's tips for staying healthy in the holidays and beyond!

Year-end Event ~ See you February 2019!