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Isolation is a Dream Killer

We started off our 2017 Accelerate series of workshops this month with a bang! Carolyn Dean, motivator and professional coach presented an unique way to use all your resources to fuel your dreams by having a "Idea Party". Every one invited was asked to name a food they would bring and any one that chose could share their dream. It was inspiring to watch people who had never met before help each other overcome obstacles on the way to their dream. One person had a dream to create a network of professionals to help guide people suffering in abusive relationships start over again. Another person had a dream to start a garden school. One obstacle after another was tackled as the group worked together as a team to find ideas and solutions. The amazing thing about an idea party, is that you never know who you're talking to and how they might be able to help you achieve your dream (and you help theirs).

When we work together, we are able to achieve more and make a lasting change. It was a perfect example of what our Accelerate Workshop Series is about.

Watch the inspiration of the "Idea Party" Barbara Sher telling her (hilarious) story on TED TV:


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