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Menu, recipes and more from our last event!

Hi All, In case you missed it, we had our last event of the year around healthy holiday food. So many people asked for recipes who couldn't come, I figured I'd also put them here in case anyone else missed out.

Here are the recipes and links I promised, as well as the link to our Balance Wellness Centre website so you can find us and follow us there for info on upcoming events (we'll start posting as soon as we get next year planned!)

And our Facebook page (which is where we've been communicating most lately). Like and follow us if you want to get updates!

Many of the links and digital recipes we have in book format in the Balance Centre Library for you to borrow. Please let us know if you see one you like online at our Balance Resource Library and we'll try to bring it along to our next session

Now for the recipes:

Vanilla cashew cream (to which you add pumpkin for the pumpkin pie filling in our pumpkin cheesecake parfait we had last night). In my version of the cashew cream I used about 6 dates instead of maple syrup


Pumpkin cheesecake parfait: I got the idea here which if you don't like pumpkin looks like a great option: https://www.blissfulbasil.com/peanut-butter-mousse-chocolate-crumble-parfait-vegan-gf/

I made the pumpkin cheesecake parfait twice with two different versions of cream cheese layer and both times turned out great (I thought!). One was with "Creamy Sheese" below and the other was with vanilla coconut yoghurt blended with dates and cashews (since the store I went to didn't have creamy sheese)

Start with pumpkin layer: 1 cup or so cooked pumpkin or kumara blended with approximately the same amount cashew cream (recipe above). Keep adding dates if needed until you get the sweetness you prefer. (Soak the dates before blending to get smoother results or some people keep date puree in the fridge to have it handy. Just dates and water blended to a paste and keeps in the fridge for a week or so)

Cream cheese layer: Vegan cream cheese "Creamy Sheese" I bought it at Windsor New World for a rare treat! Blended with a little left over vanilla cashew cream to get a smooth spreadable consistency

healthy biscuit crumble (bought or homemade cookies or could use muesli if you like)

repeat once or twice depending on how thick you like your layers (I think I did it twice) ending with cream "cheese" layer on top and swirl with pumpkin layer if you like

Chickpea peanut butter cookies (I used dates and bananas instead of brown sugar for sweetening): http://onehandedcooks.com.au/recipe/chickpea-cookies/

Melty cheese (good for nachos, on roasted or steamed veggies or with homemade pita chips):

Blend 1c raw cashews with 1 cup grilled capsicum (store bought in a jar), 3 tablespoons of food yeast and enough water to get the consistency you want, add 2-3 tsp lemon juice and garlic herb salt to taste.

Veggie wraps were made with cashew mayo. A mix of my two favourites since I never use a recipe you could use either or and experiment with your own add ins: https://ohmyveggies.com/how-to-make-cashew-mayo/ or https://healthyblenderrecipes.com/recipes/basic_raw_vegan_mayonnaise

Stuffed mushrooms were made by mixing the cashew mayo with bread crumbs and the chopped mushroom stems that were removed. The red filling was blended with beetroot and the green filling had cilantro and kale blended in. Fill mushrooms and bake 15 minutes or so at 180 in the oven. Or if you want a recipe, here's another couple versions that look good: https://www.hummusapien.com/vegan-stuffed-mushrooms/ OR


Caramelised pecans: just toss raw pecans in a dry frying pan on medium and pour 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup on top and stir in continuously until crystallised and dry and crispy. Don't let them burn!

There are loads of great bliss ball recipes online just find the one with ingredients you like! If you run out of time like I did, just go for the store bought ones, but be sure to read the ingredients and make sure there are no artificial ingredients or added sugar.

Cranberry sauce was just 1 cup fresh or frozen whole cranberries, dates 1/2c or more if you like sweeter, orange juice 1/2 cup and orange zest 1 tablespoon blended to your preferred consistency and you're done. I like to leave it a bit chunky. No cooking required! (Some people blend in an apple but I didn't this time). Can be frozen if you want to make a big batch and freeze in smaller portions for later.

Chickpea gravy: Blend until smooth, 1 can rinsed chickpeas, low sodium soy sauce to taste, water for consistency, fresh or sauteed mushroom and/or onion optional. Too easy!

Fingerling potatoes and whole garlic or any roast veggies I just spray lightly (I have a refillable bottle with olive oil) and roast until fork soft in the oven at 180. Toss with himalayan rock salt and herbs to taste.

The chocolate peppermint smoothie is here: https://www.veggiesdontbite.com/chocolate-covered-candy-cane-milkshake/

I didn't make it last night but I talked about my boys fav "Tastes like Ice Cream Kale Smoothie": https://healthyblenderrecipes.com/recipes/raw_vegan_creamy_pistachio_ice_cream_kale_shake

Enjoy! Hope you have an awesome Christmas and New Year and stay inspired and well!!!

See you next year!!!!

Amy Mullen and the Balance Team

P.S. If any of the links above aren't working, just copy and paste into google and they should appear.

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