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Are You Ready for a NEWSTART?

Updated: Jun 15

I remember the first time I tried soy milk! The stuff was disgusting and I thought my parents were trying to torture me with it! But times have changed and we have so many options for dairy free milks that are delicious. My kids can't get enough of the latest oat milk and it keeps flying out of our pantry so fast I've had to make some of my own. It's pretty tasty too, but we still keep the pantry stocked just for convenience.

What's my point in sharing this? Because even though the definition of "healthy" has changed over the decades and in a lot of ways is easier with the better plant based food options at restaurants to the range of dairy and meat free foods at the supermarket, we still aren't there yet.

But we humans like the familiar and because of that, change is always going to be challenging. So, I like to give my patients a challenge - one new baby step in the right direction a day. Everyone can think of something, but just to help, I thought I would do a challenge a day to get you started. If you start gradually, you can really can make the switch and adjust to new flavours, textures and tastes without too much cramping your style.

So what are we talking about?

N: Nutrition

E: Exercise

W: Water

S: Sunlight

T: Temperance

A: Air

R: Rest

T: Trust

Working at the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program in Weimar, California over 20 years ago was a treat. It's an 18-day live in program that focuses on 8 natural remedies and a lot of fresh mountain air. The results they get in 18 days are amazing, but you can get a lot of the same results if you apply the principals at home. If you want to get the tips from the recent challenge come visit us and follow us on Facebook! You will also see our Mother's Day breakfast and Mum's Pamper and High Tea event we did in conjunction with Mum's At The Table a support system for mum's and great way to make friends while your kids are small and your life is a bit crazy. If that's you, check them out here on Facebook Either way, hope to see you one of those places soon!

Dr. Amy and the Balance Team

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