What People Say About Our Programmes

Over the years, our participants have achieved amazing goals with what they have learned; some losing weight and keeping it off; others quitting an addiction; others were able to successfully advance or start up new businesses, while others have taken steps towards emotional freedom. Here's what they have to say! 

Life is not a practice run!  To be able to listen to a group of professionals covering the five main areas in life for free is a incredible opportunity.  It was so great to take a more in depth look at the areas of our lives we needed to work on. We can't wait for this year's seminar as we all need input to get any output in life. We enjoyed it so much, we would love all our friends and family to come.

 ~Chris & Angela, business owners, Invercargill​

Entertaining, informative, inspiring… It was a refreshing change from the numerous professional development courses and seminars I attend as a part of my role within the education sector. This was the first course I have attended that focused on my PERSONAL development and I have gained an immense amount of practical knowledge that has enhanced my life in every aspect. Thank you so much!

 ~Donna, Resource Teacher in Learning & Behavior (RTLB), Invercargill

While I am definitely the type to ‘wing it’ in life, attending helped push me (in a positive way!) to reassess my priorities and define the goals and steps that would get me to where I want to go. The talks were thought provoking and inspiring and gave me the motivation to actively seek out ways to improve my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend you check it out!

 ~Kerara, Invercargill

I cannot describe the overwhelming effects this weekend has had on me.  It has not only opened my eyes to a world of possibilities but it has given me the strength to believe that I can achieve my goals. I have never experienced the level of motivation, self-fulfilment or purpose that I did listening to the speakers at Turning Point.  Their words continue to inspire me daily

-April, Dunedin


The seminar instilled faith in me that anything truly is possible when you believe.  If you're passionate about something then I believe you were meant to do it, but sadly, too often in life we settle for less.  The problem in life isn't aiming too high, most people aim low and hit.  We are ALL meant to have abundance in EVERY area of our life and to live the life we were born to.  It's never too late to be the person you were born to be.

~Alice, Singer/songwriter, Gold Guitar winner 2016, Invercargill
I took so much from it (as we always do from these invaluable talks) and heaps of info to ponder on and think about how to grow and nurture healthy, happy boys that will fulfill their potential one day as well as trying to fulfill our own potential. 
--Katie, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Invercargill
I went home inspired and happy I had learnt plenty and have lots of food for thought. 
--Gareth, Teacher, Invercargill